Friday, October 16, 2009

Differentiated Instruction with Flashcards

Providing students with adequate guided practice and independent practice is a hallmark of effective teaching. Sometimes teachers use flashcards as a medium to provide practice for students. If you are a fan of flashcards, you may want to consider Brainflips. Brainflips allows you to create a set of flashcards that students can view with different levels of support. For example, students can view the term and the definition side by side, in a matching game, or by typing in the term or definition. It really allows students and teachers to adjust the difficulty level for the task. The site is motivating and attractive to students, and you can also use other people's flashcards.


  1. What prevents teachers from differentiating instruction? Check out the real reasons at

  2. As a teacher, I tell students to learn difficult lessonsby going over them many times. Now, I also suggested to them, these flashcards to try out. Its quite simple to create these flashcards even for a technology newbie like me!



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