Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spicy Nodes: My NEW Favorite Presentation Tool

In the past, I was a huge fan of Prezi for concept-map-based presentations. However, Prezi was always sort of hard to work with when the projector was plugged into my computer. Well, I think I have a NEW favorite tool: Spicy Nodes.

Spicy Nodes is still in beta, and it is totally free. You can create concept-map-based presentations very easily and the results are visually appealing. Even better, you can embed your presentation into wikis and blogs.

Last week, I emailed Spicy Nodes with a few tiny suggestions. They got back to me with in a few hours. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Check out the "node" that I made below: I'm hoping to use this tool in an upcoming staff development session. I'll keep you posted on the results!

1 comment:

  1. I find people still create very linear presentations with these new tools. What has been your experience in breaking out of the PowerPoint mold?



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