Monday, November 23, 2009

Create Your Own Picture Book

Teaching students to sequence ideas and include story elements in their writing can be a daunting task. Using a Picture Book Maker can help students create a framework for their narrative stories, and they help students stay on track. They choose images (choices are limited which is helpful for some students) and they add text. The stories are relatively short (only about 5-6 pages each) and the products are professional looking. I recommend assigning specific story elements to address on each page (setting/introduction, rising action, climax, resolution, etc.). I think this is a fun, free resource that students can use to improve their narrative writing!


  1. I love the concept and created a story in preparation for a lesson with grade 2s. Unfortunately, editing was difficult and the printed version of the story excluded much of the text, even superimposed words on each other. Any suggestions?

  2. Hmmmm.. I haven't had that problem yet. I've only created stories with a few words on each page though. Did you put a lot of text on each page? Maybe the program can't handle that... Consider trying as an alternative. ;0



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