Friday, November 27, 2009

Wow! What an excellent model for us!

On November 16th, Classroom 2.0 hosted one of it's fabulous Elluminate learning sessions. This session was hosted by Jon Corippo, a teacher at Minarets High School in California. He took us through his amazing, intimate, high school learning community. It opened in 2008, and it moved into its beautiful new home this year. Here are some of the unusually cool things about this school:
  • They have a media center instead of a library.
  • Sophomores and freshman have access to laptops. By the time students reach the junior and senior level, they purchase their own laptop based on their needs.
  • Courses focus on real-world problems.
  • All courses are honors courses. There are just additional, more rigorous assignments that must be completed to earn "honors credit."
  • They have extreme mountain biking in gym class.
  • And...drumroll please.....THEY DO NOT HAVE TEXTBOOKS. (They used all the saved money to outfit their technology needs, and BOY is their technology sweet!)
I really enjoyed exploring this school environment. Check it out here. It gave me a lot to think about! Let me know what you think.


  1. Thanks for the kind words...I do have to point outone thing....we don't have a library either, it's a Media Lounge; think Borders or Barnes and Noble.

  2. Thanks for pointing out my "mix up." I fixed it above. :)



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