Saturday, December 5, 2009

RSS Mix: Create Your Own Feed

Do you use RSS feeds to help your students find current, relevant information about the topics that they are studying in your class? You may want to try RSS Mix. This free service allows you to create a unique feed from a series of other feeds. For example, you could mix CNN, the Washington Post, and the NY times into a single feed. Then there is only "1 reading list" that can be embedded in your blog or reader. This could be a useful tool for educators for managing RSS information for students. Possible uses for this tool:
  • Create a single reading list that students are required to follow for a class.
  • Create a list that will explore topics from different perspectives. Have students read the articles and comment on which sources provide which "slants."
  • Aggregate all of your student or classroom blogs into a single feed to share with parents or community members.
I hope this helps!



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