Sunday, December 27, 2009

Victory with Prezi!

I just created a PREZI about PSSA Accommodations. I've embedded it below. Here is what I really liked about using PREZI (It's free.):
  • You can create your presentations in a non-linear fashion
  • You can zoom out so that your participants can see the "big pictures" as well as "little pieces" of information
  • The zooming features are interesting
  • You can upload .pdfs and .flvs to embed multimedia or other documents
  • It is embeddable and sharable (Eliminating the need for all those messy handouts!)


  1. Don't know if you've encountered a similar tool called Ahead I use it because you can also add word, excel and PPT, and not least hi res images. It's also free, but no offline option yet.

  2. Nice one dear......



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