Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whoa...Giant Multi Touch Boards

At Educon, there were amazing conversations, great ideas, and.....drumroll please....A GIANT MULTI TOUCH BOARD!!! First of all, I must admit, I was "wowed" by the technology. After playing with it using a few different applications, several people in the session starting questioning the people providing the demonstration. Importantly, the people WHO MADE the board asked the question: Is this useful to education? How could you see yourself using it? To me, this was monumental. Instead of having someone preach about the multitude of uses for a "high-powered IWB," they were analyzing it's possible implications for educators. Let's take a step backward and evaluate the tools we have in our schools. Are they conducive to the missions and visions of our schools? Do they advance student learning in a collaborative manner? Do they assist students in the construction of meaningful knowledge? Good questions for any piece of "fun technology" that you'd like to see in classrooms!


  1. Good morning Kristen, thanks for continuing to bring to the forefront the important question, "why and how" can technology be used to enhance a lesson.

    Technology should be a vehicle on the highway, not the thoroughfare itself. It must merge with other forms of transporting the desired information. My 6th grade Spanish students just completed their edible maps of Spain. The students were actively engaged and eager to identify geographic locations. I could have used many wonderful technology tools, and did weave some into the lesson as it unfolded, but the final assessment was to located places on your yummy map and then eat it! I agree that we must use technology judiciously and effectively to teach the required content.

  2. Cathy,
    You are SO right. It's about the TEACH, not the TECH! :)



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