Friday, March 26, 2010

A Fantastic Wiki Model for Teaching Vocabulary

Hollie Woodard is a passionate teacher who integrates technology meaningfully. This year, she has tried to incorporate a variety of best practices into her vocabulary lessons for 11th graders. Instead of using "kill and drill" exercises from an infamous "orange book," she created a wiki for her students to create, publish, and dialogue about the vocabulary words. Check out the wiki here. Here are my favorite elements of the wiki:
  • Students select the ways that they want to explore the content. In the process, one student realized that he was a talented filmmaker. Other students used Xtranormal to create videos, and still other students made engaging visual posters.
  • Students also post the correct pronunciation of each word. Anita Archer's research has shown that students must be able to SAY the word to remember it!
  • Hollie has embedded a QUIZLET practice module for each list of words. Students can play various games to practice the words. The best part? Students can see the most difficult words (as rated by correct and incorrect responses aggregated from the class) to determine which words require a few extra minutes of studying.
Thanks for creating a great model Hollie!

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