Thursday, May 6, 2010

Building a Professional Learning Network

Building a professional learning network (PLN) might seem challenging, vague, or even a little silly. However, for many teachers (myself included) it has become their "go-to" source for professional development. The great thing about a professional learning network is that there is no "wrong way" to do it. You can choose to explore Twitter, post blog comments, use an RSS feeder, or combine some elements as desired. The recipe of resources is really up to you. I find myself empowered and excited by the learning that I experience through my professional learning network. As we embark a a summer of rest, I challenge you to engage yourself in a professional learning community. You will not regret it! Please list your thoughts on the concept of a PLN and ideas/tools that you hope to explore over the summer. Thank you for your participation today!


  1. The challenge with building a professional learning network for me is time. However, the summer may be a good time to try it like you said. I really love Google Reader and definitely plan to use that to find resources!

  2. I love the RSS! It is really an amazing resource, like opening a newspaper that is specifically written for you! I can see myself using this often. I am still a nervous about using Twitter or Blogs, as I don't want my information available to anyone. Yet, I will have to think about it as it does open up another world of resources that are already 'weeded' through.



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