Tuesday, May 25, 2010

EdCamp Philly: A Recap

For me, a twitter conversation between Andy Marcinek and Patrick Larkin on the morning following EdCamp Philly sums up the entire event! Clearly, education should be more like an "unconference" every day. Here's why:
  • SHARING-- We learn best when we make social connections around ideas that are meaningful to us. EdCamp Philly gave folks the opportunity to listen and be heard around a variety of self selected topics. We need to give our students these same opportunities.
  • RELEVANCE-- Students should drive the learning experiences. At EdCamp, the participants selected the topics, and they were encouraged to use the rule of "two feet" if a session was not meeting their needs. In traditional schools, students can't use the rule of "two feet" if teachers do not meet their needs. Consider how that would make you feel!
  • FUN- No one attended EdCamp for a grade. Or hours. Or credit. With the external motivators removed, it made the learning much more enjoyable! Think about the pressures that students face in our traditional system. It's no wonder that many students do not like school!
  • REFLECTION- Blog posts are already bubbling up in the blogosphere! Check out Heather Hershey's post here. Based on the tweets I've ready, more are coming! There should always be follow up learning opportunities in our classrooms. Students and adults need time to process. This helps deepen the learning process.
How do you make your classroom into an "unconference" environment?


  1. Kristen,

    Thanks for highlighting my tweet in your blog post. It takes the sting out of having to be absent from #edcamp. If we could focus on Sharing, Relevance, Fun, and Reflection in all of our schools then we would really have something!

    Looking forward to reading more posts about the great things that were shared at #edcamp!

  2. i love your vantage point.

    thank you...

  3. The more and more I read about what was accomplished in Philly pushes me to try and create the same in the Detroit Area. Everyone involved in EdcampPhilly should be very proud of this movement that has started across twitosphere. Leave it to teachers, and not politicians, to start changing the education landscape. Great work!

    - Nick Provenzano

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my blog post! I haven't written a blog post in months, but EdCamp inspired me so much that I simply had to write about it both for my own reflection and to hopefully share with others.

    Your transference of the EdCamp structure to the classroom is key to the discussions currently happening in my district. I will definitely be sharing your post with our administrative team.

    ~ Heather



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