Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet Search: A Search Engine Just for Students

As computer and the Internet become more pervasive in our classrooms, I hear the following direction more often. "Go look it up on the Internet." What? What does that mean? Where should the student search? What sources are considered acceptable for the type of assignment the student is producing? Well, Sweet Search is a search engine that could provide more structure to the search process. Every site included in the search engine has been reviewed by a team of researchers. This helps keep the content as accurate as possible. You can also embed the search engine into your website. Thanks to @specialKRB for sharing this site at Edcamp Philly!


  1. Hi Kristen, thanks for the kind review of SweetSearch! At ISTE, we hope to introduce SweetSearch4Me, which is a K-8 version. Here's my blog post that explains how we created SweetSearch, link by link, and its integration with Yolink.

  2. Yes, we'll be announcing it formally at ISTE, but we're currently the only search engine on which you can use Yolink without downloading the toolbar. I've long said SweetSearch enables students to choose the most relevant result from a list of credible results, just as I did in the school library many years ago. And now Yolink greatly facilitates students picking the most relevant result. Together, they utterly transform search for students.



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