Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working from the Cloud

Last night, my entire hard drive crashed. Being as I beat up my laptop regularly, I do not blame the hardware or software. (I blame my trunk!) In any case, I was amazed at how the cloud has made this event less crippling. I was able to use a friend's netbook to complete a midterm using Google Docs. (Since my course notes were all stored in Dropbox, I could also easily access my notes.) Anything I need for work tomorrow is synced to my Evernote, so I have everything I needed for upcoming meetings right on my iPod touch. Finally, I am creating this blog post using an app on my iPod touch. Wow, so much of my life is synced to the cloud. Thank goodness! How do you use the cloud to ensure that you have access to your data in multiple ways?


  1. Glad the cloud made your crash less traumatic! What iPod Touch blogging app do you use?

  2. Using Blogger right now... it does exactly what I need. :)

  3. Somehow Mac Mail lost all my sent files...years of correspondence. Apple helpline didn't have a clue, but my gmail cloud came through and I was able to restore it again.

    And a similar thing with my AddressBook. The cloud came through again.

    You can't have too many backups and thank God for clouds in our lives, too.



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