Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Answer Garden: A Possible Option for Student Response

Have you ever wanted to collect student feedback quickly, but a poll wasn't appropriate? You may want to try Answer Garden. I learned about this resource from Shelly Terrell. You can quickly and easily create a place where students can type brief responses that are instantly displayed as a word cloud. No sign in is necessary. You can embed your box into your blog or wiki very easily. Respond to my example below!

What is your favorite thing about summer?... at AnswerGarden.ch.


  1. Very cool tool. Make sure to check the box that says "Multiple answers per ip per day". I found this out the hard way, and then only one student could comment per day! I wish it had a way to identify who said what. Maybe have students put their initials at the end? Only 20 characters are allowed, so keep it short!

  2. Very neat! I think the K-1 teachers will like this one.



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