Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Empowering Students: A Cell Phone Video

In my school district, we are beginning to explore the power of the cell phone in the classroom. This has not been easy or smooth. There are many questions to be answered for both teachers and students.

In any case, I was charged with creating a video for students about "responsible use" for a cell phone during school hours. After a quick brainstorming session with many open-minded educators, I went to work. I started collecting video clips, images, and snippets of text. I put it all together one Sunday afternoon.

Then, I actually watched it. It was pretty awful. The transitions were cluttered. I used cheesy sound effects, and some of the animations I created had the scariest synthetic voice ever recorded.

So, I went to the high school students that were currently enrolled in a video editing course at my high school. I shared the video with them and I waited for their feedback. After I broke the ice, the students started providing me with mature guidance to make the video smoother, easier to understand, and, well, JUST PLAIN BETTER. They were polite, sought to recognize both strengths and weaknesses, and intelligently critical.

In short, it was a pleasure to have students shape the final product. Check it out below.

Cell Phones at STMS from SD of Springfield Township on Vimeo.


  1. Your video link appears to be broken. I would really love to see this as we are just starting to allow cell phone use in our middle school.



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