Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fires in the Mind

One of the sessions that I attended at Edcamp NYC last weekend was called Fires in the Mind. It explored student motivation. As the session progressed, Kathleen Cushman noted the necessity of engaging in "deliberate practice" in order for mastery to occur. The elements of deliberate practice are express purpose, attention, individualization, repetition, and the cultivation of new learning. As I was in the session, it sparked ideas about how I have used homework in the past. Did my homework have all of the elements of "deliberate practice"? Well, maybe not. But I think that all of those elements are attainable if you access student opinions. How can we reframe our homework to become "deliberate practice"? Feel free to share your ideas below!

Click here for Kathleen's blog where you can learn more and check out lesson plans and resources.


  1. Thanks Kristen, it was great to meet you at EdCamp NYC! There's a lively conversation on this subject of homework going on at -- I hope you'll stop by and add your two cents!

  2. Certainly-- love the dialogue on your blog!



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