Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Renting a Laptop?

Truth be told, I love my Netflix subscription. I can get the movies I'm interested in without going to a store at a minimal cost. However, Mashable revealed that Google may be offering their new Chrome Netbooks for rent. (Read more here.)

This begs the question: Would you rent a laptop? A piece of hardware? I use my personal laptop and it is customized with all the applications and products that help me learn and share. Can I get this from a netbook that is essentially a "suped up" web browser? Maybe.

Maybe I'll love rented laptops as much as I love my Netflix subscription. We'll see.

For now, I'm viewing these Chrome netbooks as a possible solution to the CFF replacement cycle. 10 dollars a month with full replacement seems really reasonable... THOUGHTS?

Photo Credit: http://i.ehow.co.uk/images/a04/bn/a9/apple-laptop-rentals-4.1-800X800.jpg


  1. I got one of the Chrome laptops through the beta testing and I LOVE IT! Nearly everything that I need to do can be done from the "suped-up browser" and most times it is easier. I will say this is not a replacement for a real computer (it's not) but only on the rarest of occasions will I find myself NEEDING an actual computer. I think this is a great idea and definitely worth a try.

  2. Great feedback, thanks! I think this could be a real solution for a lot of school districts!



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