Tuesday, July 19, 2011

G+ -- The Idea of Circles

A few weeks ago, I joined Google +. A social network designed by Google, the portal is very similar to Facebook. However, this site has one significant difference when compared with Facebook. You sort people into "circles," similar to the way that you do in real life. For example, I have a circle of "friends," a circle of "work people," and a circle of "ed tech peeps." When I share something, I consider the audience. For example, my friends have absolutely no desire to check out the latest use for Wordle. However, they are just dying to see pictures from our latest dinner together. Being able to control who sees your content is a luxury that we have in real life, and now we have it in social media. Who know where Google + will be in a few months or a few years, but for right now-- I "+1" it.

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree with you, Kristen! I have used Facebook for years and I know that my college friends don't share my interest in educational technology and they aren't as enthusiastic about the articles and resources I post. Now with circles in Google+, I can share it with a select group. I'm still new to Google+ but so far I'm liking it.



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