Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Padcamp Reflection

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending #Padcamp, an unconference event about the implementation of iPads in schools. Given that my district only has a few iPads deployed to classrooms servicing our special education population, I did not have some of the mass sync/transfer problems that other schools shared. However, the conversation was extremely beneficial, and it helped me understand how to best guide any growth of the project within my district.

I also learned of several apps to support my teachers. ShowMe, Fotobabble, and Toontastic were my favorites.

Most importantly, I had the opportunity to connect and share with educators facing the same struggles as me.

One of the fabulous special education teachers who works in my district accompanied me, and she really enjoyed the unconference model.

Thanks to @kjarrett and the generosity of the entire Padcamp team for putting together a great free day of learning.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Kristen - for attending, contributing, and for managing the entire padcamp scheduling process - a fact you conveniently left OUT of your reflection!!! Pic: http://bit.ly/n1Z91l Couldn't have done it without you!!!



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