Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google Geo Institute: Using Sketch Up and Google Earth

Well, it was an amazing weekend! The Google Geo Institute was simply awesome. HERE is a link to all of the resources from the weekend. We spent most of our time discussing Sketch Up and Google Earth. Also, be sure to check out the hash tag #gti2011 on Twitter for more resources.

Here are some curricular integration ideas shared throughout the experience:
  • Create your own LIT TRIP for students to help them empathize with characters' situations and settings in a story.
  • Have students create 3D models in Google Sketch Up and submit them to the Google Earth 3D building layer.
  • Use Google Sketch Up to help students identify and create 3D shapes.
  • Use the ruler tool (part of labs) in Google Maps to have students answer real life questions about distances and trigonometry measurements.
  • Use the layers in Google Earth to share historical maps, real time earthquake data, tsunami visualizations and MORE.

The number one idea that I took away from the weekend was: MAPS TELL A STORY. If we are using maps to tell stories in our classroom, then it will be a richer learning environment for our students. Capture the story of maps and capture the magic.

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