Thursday, September 1, 2011

GWIGLE: A Game to Teach Search

As you complete the final touches on your classroom and your lesson plans, don't forget to review boolean search tips with your students. For example, the word "and" glues together two terms. The word "or" provides search results that include both terms. You can practice these basic rules with students by using the game GWIGLE. It means "What am I Googling?"


  1. This is a great learning tool not just for students, but also for trainees at SEO companies as well. Thanks for pointing us to that link!

  2. I agree with Marie. Any SEO company employee can benefit in this game. It makes it easier to learn Google's algorithm.

  3. I love this game because it's very convenient to use specially when making content write ups for blogs and other direct marketing schemes. I'll share this to my colleagues and bosses too.



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