Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Lost-- A Reminder to Keep It Fresh

My new gig has required a bit of traveling. The most challenging part of the travel has been navigating the Bronx. The Subway trains don't always behave as I expect, and I often become disoriented when I leave the station. Several times, I've walked down a street for several blocks only to find out that my destination was in the other direction completely! Needless to say, I am a novice.

However, whenever I struggle with a new task, I allow the feeling to crystallize. I also remind myself that this is the exact frustration, anxiety and anticipation that my learners feel when they are mastering new material.

Just because the content or concept may seem easy to me, it is not familiar to my learners. This is frequently referred to as the "expert's trap." When one is extremely facile with an idea, it can be difficult to appropriately address learner concerns and misconceptions.

One way that I've managed to avoid the "expert trap" with my learners is to integrate at least one unfamiliar content item or concept that supports the understandings that I have identified for a given unit. This forces me to go through the learning process, allowing me to identify potential misconceptions and struggles.

What will you try that's new this week?

Photo Credit: Peter Shanks

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