Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being Strategic: 3 Clear Actions

My job offers me the opportunity to watch all different types of teachers and instructional leaders at work. Some of them are much more strategic than others-- and the results are AMPLIFIED. Here's what I've noticed about people who not only "get things done" BUT ALSO "get things done purposefully."

  1. They make time for important dialogue. Leaders wo aren't strategic are always "too busy" to engage in difficult conversations about the trajectory of instruction in their schools and classrooms. Strategic leaders set aside time and eliminate distractions.
  2. They communicate clearly and in a timely manner. Leaders who are not strategic often pepper their teachers or students with last minute requests. This creates a culture of unnecessary urgency. Strategic leaders "plant seeds" long before a request is made, creating a culture where "not knowing" just doesn't cut it!
  3. Strategic leaders ask questions often. Leaders who aren't strategic are always providing directives for missives to "fix" the latest problem or crisis. Strategic leaders aren't reactionary -- they're introspective. They ask questions of their students and staff often, giving them the tools they need to move the organization forward.
CC Photo Credit: No Going Back by Mariano Kemp


  1. I love how you enumerated your points. You were right that some results are amplified to fit a person's character. I hope my Beginner Piano Professor does the same.

    1. Thanks for your comment and good luck with the piano!



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