Thursday, April 26, 2012

Word Press + Buddy Press = Experiment

I’ve developed an online learning space that is powered by WordPress, BuddyPress, and a number of plug ins. I’m about halfway through a free, 3 week course that I hosted in the space on rubrics. Here are my initial thoughts/ideas thus far.

I really like the social aspect of the space. I like that there is a stream of activity where users can post photos, text, and links. (think Twitter) I’m just concerned that people aren’t using it spontaneously. Perhaps the community needs to be larger for this to happen. Perhaps it is because people are not used to being social in online learning spaces, and this behavior must be explicitly modeled at first. I’m not sure.

I found the people in the course (between 8-10 folks) to be energetic and responsive in the synchronous sessions. The synchronous sessions are weekly, and they are 30 minutes in length. This seems to strike a good balance between providing connection and respecting everyone’s time.

I need a better system for managing documents and assignments. Right now I’m using a Google Doc editor, but I need a file storage place within each group. That would allow me to provide clearer file/resource access to everyone. Ideas welcome!

So far, I’m pleased with the space, and I find it much more friendly that more traditional LMS systems. I have a lot to learn, but I’m slowly making progress! Comments and suggestions welcome!


  1. Thanks for writing about BuddyPress. I'm interested in the rubrics you've used. We are using BuddyPress to support teachers and students in our language school in Australia. I'm keen to hear what you come up with.

  2. Thanks for your comment Vernon. I'd be happy to share a few of the rubrics with you via email. Just send me your address. ;-)

  3. Re: point three. The buddypress docs pluging might help.



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