Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crisis Squashes Innovation

In the busy world of schools and education, it's easy to slip into the dreaded "crisis mode." When this happens, you tend to denigrate into survival mode. Solutions tend to be reactive, not proactive. You feel overwhelmed and exhausted. In some ways, "crisis mode" becomes a reinforcing cycle that can be difficult to escape. Here are a few ways to break free from a world of "crisis."

1. Say no. Does this particular tasks or activity support your overall mission for kids? If not, skip it. You might let some people down, and this might be tough. However, prioritization is absolutely necessary for success.

2. Don't make changes without consulting stakeholders. Unilateral changes often tend to ignore  critical implications or consequences. While you certainly don't have to rule by majority, asking for feedback before making an important decision will help you avoid constant "do-overs."

3. Prioritize people and relationships. When you are very busy, the need to build relationships can seem secondary or less important. Relationships are always the key to organizational progress, and any time spent with teachers and children is WORTH IT! There will always be more paperwork, spreadsheets, and forms than you can complete in the time allotted. So, get out of your office already!

CC Photo Credit: My Chernobyl Adventure Part 2 by Stuck in Customs

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