Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drains and Sprinklers

When I was a little girl, my grandmother used two basic categories for people: sprinklers and drains.

Sprinklers were the people who embraced new ideas and spread them far and wide.
Jumping Into Summer

Drains were the people who sucked new ideas into dark places.
Flow down

So, of course the phrase "don't be a drain" was one I heard quite often growing up. Anytime I whined, sighed, or generally complained, my grandmother would glance in my direction and mouth the word d-r-a-i-n. To be honest, it was a very frightening sight at the age of six.

And, although it may be crude to sort everyone on this earth into two categories, it sort of works. Doesn't it? 

Don't be a d-r-a-i-n. (Insert menacing glance here!)

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  1. We say fountain in Canada -->

  2. Ahhh... thanks for sharing, George. Great minds think alike, perhaps?



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