Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Standardized Testing Like a Superbowl Blackout In Your School?

Today I have more questions than answers...
Football Field by danxoneil, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  danxoneil 

Is standardized testing like a Superbowl blackout in your school?

Does everything stop for a seeming eternity?

Does it shift momentum and change outcomes?

If so, how can we change that?


  1. I held a conversation at EduCon 2.6 in Philadelphia in January to discuss what we can do while we are waiting for the tests to go away. Here is the link to what we came up with.

  2. Thanks for sharing that resource! I was at EduCon, but not at your session. This is helpful!

  3. Very interesting. I love it. Kristen Swanson, it is sometimes time wasting, LOL. Thanks!



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