Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Data Can Open Doors

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to work with the 6th grade teachers, instructional coaches, and leadership team at Warsaw Community Schools.

Warsaw is a really special place, with a deep mission about both learning and collaboration. Less than a year ago, I began collaborating with the leadership team at Warsaw to measure the impact of technology on learning via my work at BrightBytes.

The leadership team, including Brad Hagg, David Hoffert, and Craig Hintz truly led with their data. They used their data to analyze their strengths and gaps, ultimately putting together an amazing grant proposal to move their middle school forward.

The data they used in the proposal really painted the picture and convinced the grantors to invest in their vision for connected teaching and learning. Next year, they'll begin implementation with their 6th grade students and teachers.

To make this even more exciting, I got to spend some time with them last week helping them think through the instructional implications of a connected learning environment. As we debated ways to use an authentic audience and make kids comfortable with ambiguity, I realized something important.

These conversations and this learning were facilitated by thoughtful data collection.

Data and research, when coupled with thoughtful leadership, can truly open doors.


  1. What do you mean when you refer to 'data'?

  2. A learning environment is complemented well with technology.



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