Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 2014 Horizon Report Focuses on Pedagogy

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The Horizon Report, an annual paper that focuses on the emerging trends for technology and schools, is often recognized for the ways it analyzes TOOLS.

However, this year, it's taken a different approach. The insightful group of educators (including my boss, Rob Mancabelli) guiding the report decided that the two fast trends for teaching and learning with technology are strongly focused on PEDAGOGY. 

Specifically, the two fast trends are cited in the report as follows:
  • Rethinking the roles of teachers
  • Shift to deeper learning approaches
In short, the changes that are happening this year specifically relate to the way we teach and the way we learn.

Authentic audience is a critical element within this shift. The Horizon Report states, "A major component of this trend is the rise of students who are learning important lessons by creating projects, products, and services that directly benefit the world around them."

We need our classrooms to look less like school and more like the real world. The only way for that to happen is for teachers to change the ways that they construct and implement learning experiences. Innovative, social, interactive, job-embedded professional development is a strong lever in this endeavor.

So, if we're going to achieve these changes in our schools, we need to take specific next steps.

Here are my top 5:

1. Allow teachers to talk carefully and deeply about their new roles with other educators.

2. Create policies that support teachers in the messy implementation of deeper learning.

3. Recognize and celebrate teachers and classrooms that are changing the way learning looks.

4. Provide mentors for all teachers by matching educators via social media tools.

5. Provide scheduling flexibility so that teachers can decide the chunks of time that support redesigned instruction.

Which horizon are you chasing?

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